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Your Safety First and Foremost

Your safety in our care is our first and foremost consideration. Prior to any cosmetic surgical procedure, we evaluate your medical suitability for any anticipated surgery carefully and thoroughly. When necessary, we do not hesitate to consult with your primary care physician or other appropriate physicians who know you.

Because the risk of serious complications increases substantially with general anesthesia, particularly with tummy-tuck’s, we perform all our cosmetic procedures in-office, using local anesthesia with additional conscious sedation. Your overall well-being is continuously monitored throughout any procedure.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure your safety by achieving accreditation of our practice. Accreditation is the recognition that a physician’s office-based surgical suite meets the rigorous standards of quality and safety for the surgical procedures provided on par with hospital criteria. Accreditation is only granted after a detailed, in-depth inspection of the surgical facility by an independent nationally recognized organization.

Board Certification

When you’re searching for a plastic surgeon, it’s important to note their board certification status. Board certification assesses the level of training as well as the safety of that plastic surgeon.

Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare

Diplomate of the American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery


certified by

This can only be acquired after completing an accredited plastic surgery training program after medical school. The best way to minimize risks and achieve beautiful results is by selecting a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). The ABPS is the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to govern plastic surgeons.

Working with a board-certified plastic surgeon ensures a certain standard of education, safety, training and surgical knowledge that is approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. While Dr. Gal is board-certified in plastic surgery, she is also board certified in general surgery, which means she has had even more surgical experience in the operating room as well as the intensive care unit, caring for very sick patients.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Come in and talk with Dr. Gal about your individual interest in cosmetic surgery. Meet our staff. See our facility for yourself, and our many before and after photos. Many plastic surgeons only show photos that are immediately after surgery, sometimes in the operating room. These photos can be misleading and deceptive and are not an accurate depiction of the final result.

It takes months and up to a year to see the final result after your surgery and to truly assess the skill of a surgeon. With this in mind, Dr. Gal will provide photos of patients at least 3 months to years after the surgery. We are confident that you will conclude that services we offer are of the highest caliber.

The Consultation Appointment

The initial consultation is probably the most important part of the entire journey of undergoing cosmetic surgery: your first opportunity to see the facility, meet our team and discuss your goals with Dr. Gal, who personally performs all consultations. We understand just how difficult and embarrassing it may be for many people to solicit a cosmetic procedure, just as we are well aware that many who see us are confused about what is the right procedure for them. Bombarded as we all are with conflicting information about cosmetic surgery from family, friends, and the media, the consultation is the time when Dr. Gal will work with you to sort out which procedure will help you achieve your specific goals.

To make the consultation as beneficial to you as possible, we have several suggestions: When you make your appointment, allow enough time for Dr. Gal to properly assess your needs and answer any questions you may have. By all means, ask all the questions you want. Feel free to bring a friend, spouse, or other member of your family with you to the consultation. Upon arriving in our office for the first time, fill out the health questionnaire given to you as completely as you can. Try to put aside any anxiety, embarrassment, or confusion you may have and relax. We do this every day and this is all we do. Finally, if you haven’t received all the information you need at the time of your initial consultation, schedule a second one.

At the end of the consultation, Dr. Gal will give you a written quotation of the surgical fees for any procedures she feels are appropriate for you. After the consultation, if you are interested in discussing financing, or in availability of surgical times, one of our team members will be glad to go over this information with you. In our office, you will never be pressured to book a surgery. Quite the contrary, we want you to be entirely happy with your decision. Therefore, we encourage you to take your time, think about it carefully and discuss it with others you trust before deciding.

At Peoria Cosmetic Surgery we honor your trust in us to do your surgery. We do everything we can to make your experience and results exceed your expectations.