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At Peoria Cosmetic Surgery we perform a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures, both on the face and body, each with their own particular instructions, preparation and restrictions. The following questions, patients frequently ask apply to many, if not all of the surgeries we do.

Where is the Surgery Done?

We perform all our surgeries in our fully accredited (by the AAAHC) office-based surgical suite, specifically designed with the latest in monitoring, surgical, and emergency equipment for your safety. Our record in this regard to date has been impeccable and unlike hospitals, infections after our surgeries are exceedingly rare.

What Type of Anesthetic Do You Use?

We use only local anesthesia with conscious sedation. We do not administer general anesthesia. The combination of local anesthesia with conscious sedation allows us to administer a lighter anesthetic while still ensuring total comfort during the surgery and with far less nausea and vomiting afterwards. Because of our particular method of anesthesia our incidence of pulmonary embolus (blood clots to the lungs which can be fatal) so far is zero.

Does Anyone But Dr. Gal Do The Procedures?

Except for Photo Facials and light chemical peels, Dr. Gal does all the surgical and laser procedures along with the injection of dermal fillers and neurotoxin injections.

Do You Provide Financing For Your Procedures?

We accept CareCredit financing. If you are interested, you can refer to our financing information on this website.

How Soon Can I Work-Out After Surgery?

While each surgery has its own restrictions, in general, for all of our procedures, we encourage walking, on the day of surgery. Light walking stimulates healing, helps prevent blood clots, and increases your overall feeling of well-being following surgery and is encouraged. For heavier work-out regimens such as weight training and cardio, you will have to check with the doctor as to the advisability of participation in these activities after your surgery.

Do I Need Someone to Bring Me to the Office and Pick Me Up on the Day of Surgery?

Absolutely! If conscious sedation is used, you must have someone bring you to the office and pick you up. In addition, it is very important after conscious sedation that a responsible adult stays with you the first night after surgery. If there is no one who can be with you, we can arrange for you to stay overnight in a nearby convalescent facility for a minimal extra charge.

Can I Undergo Cosmetic Surgery If I Smoke?

Smoking can substantially increase the risk of complications after cosmetic surgery. Dr. Gal adheres to a strict policy of no smoking 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery as recommended by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This will reduce the risk of skin necrosis (or skin death) after surgeries such as tummy tucks and facelifts.

Are There Any Over-the-Counter Medications I Should Avoid Prior To Cosmetic Surgery?

Aspirin and aspirin containing medications should be avoided prior to any invasive cosmetic surgical procedure as their use may cause substantial bleeding postoperatively. Related non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Naproxen have effects similar to aspirin and should be stopped for a few days prior to surgery. Tylenol (acetaminophen) can be taken for pain as needed prior to cosmetic surgery without any problems. Other over-the-counter medications that can cause problems with bleeding and that should be stopped prior to surgery for at least a week include Vitamin E, fish oil, and all herbs.

Are There Any Over-the-Counter Preparations You Recommend Prior To Surgery?

We recommend high dose vitamin C, 1000mg or more daily as long as it is tolerated prior to all of our surgeries.

What Happens If I Have a Medical Or Other Emergency and Have To Cancel My Scheduled Surgery With Short Or No Notice?

We fully understand that family emergencies and illness are unpredictable and when they interfere with a scheduled surgery, we do our best to accommodate you without penalty. Depending on your particular circumstances, we will reschedule your surgery or if necessary cancel it permanently.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Covered By Health Insurance?

Except in rare circumstances, cosmetic surgery is not covered by your health insurance.