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What to Know About Getting a Loan

If you have fair/good/excellent credit, these are the 2 best loan providers. When reviewing loan providers, we looked at the most important categories: fees, customer service, APR, ease-of-use, network of lenders, and more.

Best for: No Fees & Great Customer Service
APR: 3.99% to 35.99%
Impact to Credit Score: None
Application time: 2 minutes

C Credible is the simply the best way to get a personal loan in 2020. There are no fees, and Credible offers unparalleled customer service via phone and email for any questions you may have with your loan request. Moreover, the entire loan process only takes 2 minutes. If you find a lower personal loan rate, Credible will actually give you up to $200. Terms apply. Learn more about Credible’s $200 bonus offer or Visit Credible to get a loan.

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Best for: Flexible Loan Terms
APR: 3.99% to 35.99%
Impact to Credit Score: None
Application time: 5 minutes

endingTree is another top choice for a personal loan in 2020. Just like Credible, LendingTree is completely free to use. The application process is also extremely simple and quick. It’s a great way to find a loan, fast and easy.

You’ll have to answer some basic questions about your credit score and income, but it’s very straightforward. The only downside of LendingTree is that there is no live customer service available via phone and email like there is for Credible.

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Using a Loan to Pay for Plastic Surgery

Personal loans, often called “unsecured personal loans,” are loans that are issued to individuals based on their creditworthiness. One of the best things about personal loans is that there is no collateral involved. You don’t have to use your house, car, or any other asset to receive a personal loan.

“Plastic surgery loans” or “cosmetic surgery loans” are still considered personal loans. Using a loan to finance a surgical procedure, or to pay for outstanding plastic surgery expenses is a much smarter idea than paying for those expenses with a credit card.

The interest rates on credit cards are much higher than for personal loans (often my 30%), so it’s always wiser to borrow money at a cheaper rate with a personal loan. The typical personal loan APR goes as low as 4.99%, which is almost impossible to find on a credit card.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Eligible for a Loan?

You can pay for all plastic surgery procedures and costs with a personal loan! Some of the most popular uses include:

  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Fat Transfer to Face, Buttocks, Breasts
  • Breast augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction
  • Liposuction with and without skin tightening
  • Facelift
  • Laser/Renuvion Facial Rejuvenation

Male Breast ReductionAccording to research by Finder, roughly 83.5 million Americans have personal loans. Getting a loan is not unusual! In many cases, it’s actually really smart, because the APR for loans is significantly lower than any other form of borrowing.

Plastic Surgery Loan Myths

One of the most common misconceptions about plastic surgery loans is that they somehow negatively effect your credit score.

This is not true. There’s no impact on your personal credit score to see if you qualify for a loan. And once you receive your loan funds, and you begin to make timely monthly repayments, your credit score can actually improve. The only way a loan can harm your credit score is if you fail to make your payments.

Summary: Best Loan Companies 2020


— Best for borrowers who value professional customer service, no hidden fees, and low rates.


— Best choice for those with good/excellent credit who are looking for a low APR loan.


— Best for loans of $1,000 to $50,000 for pretty much any reason.