Stem Cell Treatments

Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Injections

Regenerative Medicine: A New Approach to Old Problems

Regenerative medicine is a burgeoning new field where cells from one place in your body are harvested, concentrated and used to repair damage or cure disease in another part.  Currently the active cells of interest that are harvested are commonly known as stem cells.  This more natural way of repairing damage and curing disease does not rely on medications or surgery.

Stem cells are found in many places in the body in varying amounts.  They are cells that haven’t quite decided what they want to be when they “grow up”, undifferentiated cells that under the right stimulus can turn into a variety of well differentiated cells such as a muscle cells, bone cells, cartilage, blood cells, etc.  The cells we use for regenerative medicine treatments are adult stem cells that reside in the fat where there is a particularly high concentration of them.  When we treat a patient with stem cells, we use the adult stem cells derived from his or her own fat.  Because they are the patient’s own cells, they are termed autologous and as such there is no rejection of them or any allergic responses.   Embryonic or fetal derived stem cells are not autologous and we do not use them.