Removing and Replacing Your Old Breast Implants

Removing and Replacing Your Old Breast Implants

Removing and Replacing Your Old Breast Implants

Lately, we have seen a surge in requests from women to remove their old breast implants and replace them with new ones. The most common reason they want this done is that their breasts no longer look good, most of them having been augmented many years before. Their appearance may have deteriorated over time because of any number of things that may have happened:

  • As gravity and age have their way, the breast tissue may have stretched, sliding off the implants giving them a strange droopy look. This is known as a cascade deformity.
  • The breast capsule encasing the implants may have loosened allowing the implants to ride too low or fall off to the side of the chest wall when lying down. This is known as implant malposition.
  • The implant capsule may have tightened causing the implants to feel hard and look out of position. This is caused by capsular contracture. Very old silicone gel implants may have ruptured causing the capsular contracture.
  • The implants may now be too large for your body as you have gotten older and now you want smaller ones.
  • Your implants may look droopy from weight loss or your breasts too large from weight gain over the years.
  • If they are saline, one of your implants may have deflated.
  • The original implants now look too small and you want larger ones.

Whatever the reason your breasts no longer have a pleasing look to you, we can carefully analyze the reasons why and use our skills and experience to restore them to a more youthful, rejuvenated and symmetrical appearance. Each patient we see for this procedure is different and consequently, we individualize their procedures accordingly.

What Does Removing and Replacing Surgery Involve?

Depending on the underlying condition of your breasts and old implants, the surgery can be reasonably straightforward or very complex. We always remove your old implants and replace them with new silicone gel ones commensurate with your size desires and needs. We may have to tighten loose capsules so that the new implants retain their positions (capsuloraphy).

The areola/nipple complex may have to elevated and the breast reshaped, a simultaneous breast lift (mastopexy). Sometimes, in addition to lifting the breasts we may have to reduce their size (breast reduction). If you have excess fat along the sides of the breasts, we may remove it with liposuction. Anyone or all of these techniques may be required in your case.

While we try to accomplish what you require in one surgery, certain individuals are better served for safety and healing considerations by breaking the surgery into two separate surgeries: the first to remove the implants and reshape the breast; the second to put in the new implants a month or so later.

What is the Downtime of Remove and Replace Surgery? Is There Much Pain After Surgery?

The more involved the surgery, the longer you will need to recover enough to return to work or engage in more vigorous activities. While you are up and around the day after surgery and able to perform simple tasks, it can be two to three weeks before returning to light sedentary activity or work and as long as six weeks to participate in physically demanding work or sports.

Drains are almost always placed to reduce any postoperative bruising, bleeding and swelling. They are removed as quickly as possible but may have to remain in place up to a week or more. It is imperative after this type of surgery that you strictly adhere to the doctor’s instructions as to what activities you can do and not do so not as to put excess strain on the healing tissues, jeopardizing the repair.

Pain after this type of surgery is usually modest and quite tolerable. Within one week of surgery, most patients have very little discomfort.

What Are the Complications of Remove and Replace Surgery?

These procedures have the usual postoperative complications of swelling and mild to moderate bruising, both of which disappear quickly. Infection and bleeding are always possible but very rare. If we are doing a lift as part of the procedure, we have to ensure that the blood supply to the nipple/areola complex remains intact so as not to lose a nipple. Nipple loss in our hands is exceedingly rare. More common are wound healing issues where the wounds separate a bit in certain areas of high tension and healing is delayed.

We do our utmost to reduce the possibility of any complications, but they can happen. If they do, we will stay with you until they are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

We at Peoria Cosmetic Surgery always appreciate your trust in us to meet your needs. Although remove and replace breast implant surgery can be the most challenging of cosmetic breast surgeries, we are up to it. If you are interested in having your old implants removed and replaced with new ones, please give us a call at 623-876-9494 to schedule a consultation or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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