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ThermiSmooth 250: Non surgical Skin Tightening

Painless, Non Surgical Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation

As we age, all of us, particularly those who live here in Arizona lose the collagen and elastin, critical proteins in our skin that keep it tight and youthful.  Significant sagging and wrinkling is often quite noticeable for many of us as we enter our forties. There are many treatments in the cosmetic market that offered to stimulate the production of collagen, some of which are invasive, painful, require anesthesia, and have significant downtime. ThermiSmooth 250 is a new effective, painless, non surgical treatment that reverse regrows collagen, requires no anesthesia and has zero downtime.

What is ThermiSmooth 250 and how does it work?

ThermiSmooth 250 is remarkable device that generates radiofrequency energy delivered by special hand pieces applied to the surface of the skin of the area treated.  The energy passes through the outer surface of the skin without disrupting it, heating the deeper layers and tissue immediately underneath in a controlled manner. When the temperature of the skin rises above 42°C (107°F) and held there for about 15 minutes, collagen production is stimulated to form causing the skin to shrink, tighten, and smooth.  Uniquely, the ThermiSmooth device monitors the temperature of both the surface and undersurface of the skin, so that effective temperatures are achieved and maintained within a safe range. 

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What areas and conditions can the ThermiSmooth treat?

ThermiSmooth is very effective in reducing wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. It can tighten the sagging skin of the neck, abdomen, knees, and reduce back bra rolls and lax skin there. There is practically no area on the face or body that can’t be safely treated.  Visit the following links:

How long do treatments take and are they painful?

Depending on what areas are addressed, treatments can take from 15-30 minutes. No anesthesia is required as a ThermiSmooth treatment is entirely painless.  The treatment are described by most patients as a warm massage. 

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Is there any downtime or restrictions following a ThermiSmooth treatment?

None. There is neither any downtime following one of these treatments, nor any post treatment restrictions.  Patients can return to their normal activities immediately.

Are multiple treatments required? How long does it take to see results?

It takes time and repeated stimulation for the collagen to form. Results are noticeable two to three weeks after the second treatment. To obtain the full benefit from ThermiSmooth, usually four to five treatments are needed, two to four weeks apart.  Our patients often notice further improvements in skin tightening and wrinkle reduction of the treated area many months after the last treatment as collagen stimulation and regrowth continue. 

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How long do the improvements from ThermiSmooth last? Are more treatments needed?

It is not known how long the benefits of a course of ThermiSmooth last, likely for many years. A yearly “touch up” of the treated areas helps sustain the benefits.

Limitations of ThermiSmooth

ThermiSmooth is not a substitute for surgery, but rather an adjunct. It is best used to tighten areas that are minimally lax or for mild wrinkling. More extreme cases require either surgery and/or other more invasive treatments. 

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The Bottom Line

ThermiSmooth is an amazing new cosmetic technology for helping almost anyone to look younger or maintain a youthful appearance. In just four to five painless treatments you can look and feel amazing.  When used appropriately, ThermiSmooth really does work!

ThermiSmooth is just one of the many state-of-the-art procedures available at Peoria Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Fisher and his staff can help you determine the best course of action for your skin and what to expect. Individual results vary from person to person.

ThermiSmooth® Videos

ThermiSmooth® Face application

ThermiSmooth® Body application

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