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Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction Arizona (Gynecomastia Arizona)

Few things can have such a profoundly negative effect on a man’s life as having female-like breasts. The medical name for this condition is gynecomastia, but is more commonly known rather cruelly as “man boobs.” Those unfortunate enough to suffer this condition usually have a long history of low self-esteem from the ever present need to hide their upper body from the sight of others. Gynecomastia Phoenix.

Usually starting in puberty, the breasts in some men grow as they go through their growth spurt and assume a more female shape and size. A hard, sometimes painful lump of breast tissue grows under the nipple area. If there is any abnormal weight gain, the condition only worsens as fat over the chest wall muscle accentuates the size of the breasts (gynecomastia Tucson). The onset of gynecomastia can begin later in life by taking certain drugs, the most common of which are steroids used to increase muscle mass.

When the humiliation and ridicule begins in the locker room in middle school or high school, so does the need to conceal the deformity. Teenage boys start hiding their chests from others by wearing heavier tops and avoiding situations that require exposing their bare chests to others. Some go as far as to tape their breasts down under their shirts (gynecomastia Peoria). As they reach adulthood the resultant embarrassment and shame associated with their breasts impacts heavily upon their relationships with the opposite sex. One 63 year-old patient who underwent this surgery stated that for as long as he could remember he never took his shirt off in front of anyone including his wife until now.

The good news is that this condition and its resultant deformity can easily be rectified by a simple, effective, and affordable surgical procedure.

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How Are Enlarged Male Breasts Surgically Reduced?

We combine liposuction of the enlarged male breast with excision of the breast tissue directly under the nipple to correct this condition (gynecomastia Gilbert). Under local tumescent anesthesia with additional conscious sedation in our in-office surgical suite, we carefully and thoroughly remove all the fat we can over the chest wall muscle with liposuction. Then we make a tiny incision halfway around the circumference of the areola (the brown area surrounding the nipple) and remove all the dense fibrous breast tissue directly underneath (gynecomastia Tempe). The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures and heal with nearly invisible scars.

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What Is Recovery Time From Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Recovery from male breast surgery is remarkably quick (gynecomastia Mesa). Patients are up and around the day after surgery and can engage in light cardio exercise even then. They wear a tight unobtrusive compression garment underneath their clothing for several weeks. In as little as two or three days, post surgical patients can return to light work. Heavy manual labor, weight training, and contact sports are delayed about two to three weeks following this surgery.

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What Are The Complications Of Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is exceeding safe (gynecomastia Scottsdale). Complications are exceedingly rare; in fact to date, we have had none at all. Some patients require a small touch up procedure using
liposuction alone to further improve the results by either removing additional fat or tightening the skin.

Is Male Breast Reduction Expensive?

The fee for male breast reduction is dependent on the work involved and is determined at the time of our complimentary consultation. Gynecomastia Glendale. We feel our fees are very reasonable. As we do not use general anesthesia, hospital, or ambulatory surgical centers, our patients avoid anesthesia and associated fees. Further, we offer a number of flexible, affordable, and convenient financing programs that can fit comfortably into your lifestyle and budget.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life!

Almost every patient who has undergone male breast reduction surgery in our office has said the same thing, “Why did I wait so long to do this?” This surgical procedure is probably the most appreciated and life altering one we perform. It is hard to underestimate the benefit of eliminating a major source of low self-esteem that female-like breasts can cause. For me, it is personally extremely satisfying to see patients who suffered from gynecomastia enjoy so much improvement in the quality of their lives after surgery. Gynecomastia Chandler.