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Chin and Cheek Implants

Cheekbone Augmentation In Peoria & Phoenix, Arizona

What are chin and cheek implants?

Chin and cheek implants are soft silicone devices specially made to enhance a deficient chin or replace the volume lost in our cheeks. These implants are exceedingly safe long term, easily placed, and unlike anything else we offer in cosmetic surgery, both very long-lasting and reversible. That is they will last as long as you do and if at some point you do not like them, they can be removed. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be customized to fit individual needs quite nicely.

Facial implants such as these are wonderful devices, the “icing on the cake” when added to other facial rejuvenation procedures such as a facelift or necklift, often turning a potentially a good result into a spectacular one. There are few things that give our patients more value for their cosmetic dollar than chin and cheek implants.

How and where are chin and cheek implants placed?

A chin implant wraps around the very lower border of the chin, centered on it, sitting right on the mandible (jaw bone) itself. It is introduced through a tiny incision under the chin that is undetectable after it heals. Cheek implants are placed through tiny incisions inside the mouth just above the premolars and like the chin implants are placed right on the bone - the zygoma or cheek bone. If wider higher cheek bones are desired, malar implants are used whereas submalar implants treat age related volume loss of the cheeks. A malar implant helps give higher more prominent cheekbones. We use local anesthestic and minimal conscious sedation to make the surgery very comfortable for our patients in our in-office accredited surgical facility. General anesthesia is not required.

Chin Implant: Before Chin Implant: After

What is the recovery from these procedures?

Recovery from the placement of either chin or cheek implants is exceedingly quick and surprisingly painless. While swelling and mild bruising can occur, this usually disappears in 1-2 weeks.

Can the implants move after placement?

The natural healing process quickly and completely encases these implants with fibrous tissue, securing them tightly in place. Movement after placement, while possible is very rare.

A chin implant sitting over the lower edge of the chin wrapping around the mandible A submalar cheek implant positioned to help fill out volume loss in the cheeks

Can I feel the implants after they are in my face?


Are there any complications of chin and cheek implants?

In the immediate post operative period, swelling, bruising and numbness of the lips can occur but resolve quickly. Movement of the lips while speaking, eating and smiling may temporarily feel strange but this too subsides within a month and returning to normal. Very rarely implants can become infected requiring removal.

Chin Implant: Before Chin Implant: After

Can chin or cheek implants be placed during another facial surgery?

While chin and cheek implants can be performed as stand alone procedures, we more commonly place them in combination with our facelifts to improve the results.