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Is the procedure painful?

Neck Lift Before Neck Lift After

No. Apart from the initial injections of local anesthesia taking a few minutes, less painful than a dentist numbing your teeth, there is very little discomfort during the procedure. Most of our patients fall comfortably asleep during the procedure rousing only when we’re done, usually having no memory at all of the surgery.

Our incisions are strategically placed in the hairline, around the ear and under the chin so as to be virtually undetectable when they heal. As the tension of the lift is on the SMAS underneath the skin and not on the skin itself, the final result is a natural, rejuvenated look not the ‘wind tunnel’ appearance characteristic of facelifts done in the seventies.

The picture (right) shows illustrates where we place our facelift incisions around the perimeter of the ear. When they heal, they are virtually invisible.

Where is the surgery done?

We do all our facelifts in our accredited in-office surgical suite.

What type of anesthesia is used?

We perform our facelifts under local anesthesia with conscious sedation. We do not use general anesthesia, our patients are not ‘put completely under’. This combination of conscious sedation and local anesthesia is overall significantly ‘lighter’ hence safer than general anesthesia with substantially less postoperative nausea and vomiting (as much as 40% less). Our anesthesia does not require an anesthesiologist, a cost savings for you.

Is there much pain after surgery? What is the recovery time? How much time off from work will I need?

Up and around immediately after surgery, our patients have very little pain afterwards, rarely requiring more than one of the pain pills we prescribe. Numbness of the cheeks in front of the ear and tightness in the face in general are quite normal. We remove all sutures and staples seven to ten days after the procedure. For most patients, any significant swelling has largely disappeared by that time. Almost all of our patients are quite presentable prior to suture removal, usually by the sixth or seventh postoperative day, and can resume light activities by then. If it occurs, bruising is usually minimal and rapidly descends into the lower neck where is can be easily covered up by a high collar.

Depending on what type of work you do, plan to take at least a week off to heal after facelift surgery.

What kind of dressings do I wear after surgery?

For the first 18 or so hours after surgery, we place our patients in a bulky dressing to reduce any immediate postoperative bruising and swelling. At the time of the first visit, the day after surgery, we remove the bulky dressing replacing it with a washable, removable, lightweight, facelift garment worn for after surgery. The incisions require minimal care after surgery for which we give both instructions and supplies.