Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Removing and Replacing Your Old Breast Implants

Lately, we have seen a surge in requests from women to remove their old breast implants and replace them with new ones. The most common reason they want this done is that their breasts no longer look good, most of them having been augmented many years before. Their appearance may have deteriorated over time because of any number of things that may have happened:

  • As gravity and age have their way, the breast tissue may have stretched, sliding off the implants giving them a strange droopy look. This is known as a cascade deformity.
  • The breast capsule encasing the implants may have loosened allowing the implants to ride too low or fall off to the side of the chest wall when lying down. This is known as implant malposition.
  • The implant capsule may have tightened causing the implants to feel hard and look out of position. This is caused by capsular contracture. Very old silicone gel implants may have ruptured causing the capsular contracture.
  • The implants may now be too large for your body as you have gotten older and now you want smaller ones.
  • Your implants may look droopy from weight loss or your breasts too large from weight gain over the years.
  • If they are saline, one of your implants may have deflated.
  • The original implants now look too small and you want larger ones.