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Arizona cosmetic surgery - Why Us?

The Quality Of Our Work

“I am so happy that I can now wear slacks without thigh ‘bulges.’ Thanks for great work and care by you and your entire staff. - E.L.

“I now like what I see in the mirror first time in 20 years. My experience with this procedure was all very positive. I’m thinking of other procedures in the future.” - L.H

“I just want to thank you for my results. Also your staff for being so caring and upbeat.” - R.A

“Thank you for giving my face a softer look and that makes me feel good. Compliments to you, Dr. Fisher, and to your staff.” - C.A.

“Dr. Fisher exceeded my expectations. The staff was very supportive and available whenever I called with questions. Very happy with my results.” - J.F.

“I am so happy I did it! You all are wonderful people” - M.K.

“I am very pleased with your staff and services. The price was very reasonable and the results were excellent. Job well done.” - P.S.

“Hello Dr. Fisher. It’s K…B…. writing. I came to see you in April from Canada to have my calves done. I just wanted to let you know that I am so very happy with the results. It is such a change I almost can’t believe it when I look at them. I just wanted to thank you again. Last night I was able to wear a dress which showed my legs and I have never been able to do that comfortably in my life! It was really wonderful!!” - K.B.

“I am 100% pleased with the results. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thank you very much.” - M.H.

“I am totally thrilled with the results of the facelift. It has given me a renewed self-confidence and I would highly recommend Dr. Fisher’s expertise to anyone.” - C.S.

We Care About Our Patients

“The whole staff made me feel very comfortable in every way. Very, very friendly.” - S.M.

“Great, great staff!” - M.M.

“I went into this operation very nervous-but everyone’s confidence and caring really helped me get through it. It was worth every penny and then some. Thanks, Dr. Fisher and all.” - M.C.

“I loved the office atmosphere. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Thank you! I love you all!.” - T.S.

“Thru out the entire process from first visit to now your whole staff has been caring and always there to answer any questions I may have with a cheerful smile. Thank you so much.” - H.C.

“The best thing I have ever done for myself.” - C.L.

“Your staff always went above and beyond to answer my questions and concerns. All of your staff made me feel like they had known me for years and I was their good friend.” - S.C.

“Caring staff. Thank you!” - J.W.

We Make Your Experience a Positive One

“I have never had a more positive experience in a medical procedure than I’ve had with Dr. Fisher and his staff. I would highly recommend this office and staff” - T.T.

“I am very pleased with my experience and will recommend Dr. Fisher without hesitation and will return for future procedures.” - D.A.

“Dr. Fisher and his staff are all wonderful people. It was a great experience.” - L.A

“This was an amazingly easy experience and I am extremely happy with the results. Staff here is wonderful.” - K.M

“Everyone was very friendly, helpful, and encouraging. The recovery was easier that I expected. Thanks so much! - B.K.

“You have the most positive and friendly staff. I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process.” - L.N.

“My experience was very positive! One of the most helpful things was the take home literature you provided on what to expect after surgery. I did have a question after my surgery and I received an answer right away. I must also commend you on your staff. Everyone I dealt with was extremely friendly, professional and seemed concerned in all aspects of my care. Also, thank you for the follow-up call coming from you and not a nurse or assistant means a lot.” - D.H.

“A very positive experience for someone hesitant about having the procedure at all. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you.” - L.S.

We Love What We Do

“Dr. Fisher/staff/personnel were patient and considerate. I always felt at ease. It was my pleasure meeting you all.” - M.E.

“Everyone was very friendly. Nice to see all the girls smiling every time I came in.” - K.P.

“Your professionalism and great sense of humor took away any fear of surgery. Thank you.” - J.S.

“I was made to feel extremely at home before, during, and after. Thanks. See you soon.” - K.M.

“Dr. Fisher and his staff are extremely professional and are the greatest bunch I ever encountered in a medical setting.” - A.Y.

“I’ve been incredibly happy with everything. Seeing your ad in the paper was the best thing that every happened to me. I love the way I look.” - K.G.

Your Safety First and Foremost

Your safety in our care is our first and foremost consideration. Prior to any cosmetic surgical procedure, we evaluate your medical suitability for any anticipated surgery carefully and thoroughly. When necessary, we do not hesitate to consult with your primary care physician or other appropriate physicians who know you. Because the risk of serious complications increases substantially with general anesthesia, particularly with liposuction, we perform all our cosmetic procedures in-office, using local anesthesia with additional conscious sedation. Your overall well being is continuously monitored throughout any procedure.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure your safety by achieving accreditation of our practice. Accreditation is the recognition that a physician’s office based surgery meets the rigorous standards of quality and safety for the surgical procedures provided. Accreditation is only granted after a detailed, in-depth inspection of the surgical facility by an independent nationally recognized organization. (Click here for more information on Dr. Fisher’s accreditation by the American Association for Ambulatory Health Care.)

After performing over 2000 cosmetic procedures in our office, we can proudly say that our safety record to date is impeccable. We have not experienced any serious complications whatsoever. Our infection rate is currently less than one half of one percent and these few instances were easily and successfully treated in the outpatient setting and resolved unremarkably.

Richard D. Fisher, MD.

Dr Richard Fisher performs all the cosmetic surgical procedures in our facility. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. After a rich and satisfying career as a board certified family practitioner and geriatrician for more than twenty years in Sun City, Arizona, he sought new challenges. He retrained extensively in the field of cosmetic surgery under some of the most recognized cosmetic surgeons in this country and Europe. Currently, he is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and member of the International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons. He recently received the Award for Excellence in Cosmetic Education from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Fisher spends more than one hundred hours per year attending seminars, conferences, and workshops including live surgery and cadaver surgery to constantly upgrade his cosmetic surgical knowledge and skills.

(Click here to review Dr. Fisher’s profile with the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners)

Candy Jahrmarkt, CST

Candy Jahrmarkt runs the cosmetic dermatology program in Dr. Fisher’s office. She is specially trained to perform microdermabrasions, light chemical peels, and the facial rejuvenation procedure, the FotoFacial/RF. Her experience and knowledge in skin rejuvenation along with her gentle touch and warm, wonderful personality make those procedures she administers a pleasure for our patients.

JoAnn O’Bryan

JoAnn O’Bryan heads up the front office in our facility. It is she who first greets our patients on the telephone and on arrival in our office. Her genuine friendliness and knowledge can put at ease even the most nervous new patient on his or her first visit to a cosmetic surgeon. Many of our established patients consider her a friend.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Come in and talk with Dr. Fisher about your individual interest in cosmetic surgery. Meet our staff. See our facility for yourself, and our many before and after photos. If you so desire, we will be more than happy to arrange for you to talk privately to patients who have undergone a procedure with us in which you are interested.

We are confident that you will conclude that services we offer are of the highest caliber.