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Patient reviews of Peoria cosmetic Surgery (plastic surgery in Arizona)

My liposuction was, perhaps, one of the best experiences I've had in a long time. The entire staff were "cheerleaders". They really gave me a tremendous amount of support. Their time, their knowledge and caring natures made me feel very special and well cared for. I can't say enough good things about the office. I have never seen such a spotlessly clean and well thought out medical facility. Of course, the best part of all was Dr. Fisher. I don't think, originally, that he was too keen on working on me, because of my age, but he "bit the bullet" and did it. When I had my final exam, he made me feel like a "poster child" for the elderly (bite your tongue) recipients of liposuction. I look and feel great. Thank you, Dr. Fisher, for all that you did...for all that you are.
- JoAnn E.*

Absolutely the best Dr. and staff. Very caring, went what I feel was way over what I expected to make me feel comfortable. A lot of compassion from Dr. and staff. I am impressed beyond words! Thank you All!
- J.M.

Dr. Fisher is the most wonderful and caring doctor I have ever had in my life.
- Constance D.*

You guys are great! Thanks so much for your hard work & care!
- Gabriele A.*

I’m very glad I had the surgery. It has given me a better self-image and increased my self esteem as well. Thank you all for a job well done!!
- Veronica J.*

The staff is wonderfully caring! All of them! And Dr. Fisher, you are the consummate professional! You have listened. You are realistic and honest. You did what you said you would and more. Thank you so much.
- Ann S.*

I have been totally comfortable and happy with Dr Fisher and the staff. The clinic is some place one feels safe, comfortable, and the whole atmosphere is upbeat, happy easy going, unstressful, very, very sanitary throughout & its also a very pleasantly decorated clinic to make you feel at ease.
- Virginia S.*

We were treated exceptionally well all the “girls” office staff were wonderful & caring. Dr Fisher was available 24/7 & we especially want to thank him for all his care & guidance through our procedures. Excellent!
- Rich & Linda S.*

Dr Fisher and the whole staff has made me very comfortable. Very courteous, caring and positive people. Never once did they let me down and listened to all my concerns and knew exactly what I wanted. If I had to grade you, I would give the whole staff a A+.
- Maria P.*

The staff in your office are excellent! I felt genuinely cared for I could tell everyone was concerned about my wellbeing. Awesome doctor, amazing staff, better than expected results, what more can I say!
- Ammon P.*

Dr. Fisher: You are outstanding! I received the WOW factor with your work. Your assistants made me feel like part of the family and did excellent in their jobs. You have a great office.
- Marry Ann F.*

My whole experience with Dr. Fisher & his staff was wonderful! I am so happy with my results and will always recommend you to anyone I know that is considering cosmetic surgery.
- Diane P.*

Very pleased with the results from my 3 different procedures with you. Very pleasant staff you have. Also, you are an excellent doctor. Thank you very very much.
- Brenda C.*

I had a great experience! You and your staff went above & beyond my expectations. I had a quick recovery and an excellent outcome! I couldn’t be happier with the results.
- Meredith S.*

Dr. & staff are the best! Thanks to all of you!
- Juanita S.*

Dr. Fisher is an outstanding surgeon!!! Prior to my consultation with Dr. Fisher, I visited another office in the area. This surgeon was very rude, made me feel very uncomfortable, only spent about 15 minutes with me and seemed as though he was in a hurry as though he needed to get back on the assembly line. I feel some surgeons do this to not only make more money but to also make you feel trapped. My husband and I spent over an hour with Dr. Fisher and his staff. He measured my chest, went over the entire process, showed us all the options I had between the material that would be placed and how they would be placed. He even drew on me as though I was being prepped for surgery and re-measured my chest. We could tell he is a perfectionist just by the time he took, how he wanted to drawl on me and measure me many times. He also asked detailed questions about my daily activities, if I workout, etc. so that he could recommend the best solution for me. My husband and I lift weights four times a week and we lift HEAVY. I was truly concerned that breast implants may effect my weight lifting but it didn't impact it in anyway. Actually, I'm lifting more now than I ever have!! Speaking of my husband, during our visit he made a comment about wanting to have his eye lids lifted at some point. Dr. Fisher looked him over and provided an estimate on the spot. AMAZING!! Dr. Fisher and his staff make you feel like family, everyone is very nice, informative and will take as much time as you need to go over anything. I was so excited to get my gel breast implants placed under my muscle that I scheduled my appointment before leaving his office. The morning of surgery I wasn't even nervous. Normally I always experience some kind of nervousness when going through something for the very first time. Truthfully, I feel it was due to how kind Dr. Fisher and his staff were with my consultation and pre-breast surgery appointment. It was a difficult surgery but a piece of cake for me. I love how they do not put you completely under. Instead, you are put in a twilight state where you drift off into a very light sleeping state. The staff said some patients never wake up during surgery. If you do, don't worry the team will place you back into twilight immediately. I actually woke up during my surgery and the team placed me right back into twilight. (I only felt a very small amount of pressure and NO pain). I went in for my post surgery appointment the very next day. Dr. Fisher met with me multiple times within the first eight weeks and for seven months after surgery. The implants Dr. Fisher placed look very natural and fit my body perfectly. We can tell Dr. Fisher takes GREAT pride in his work and I would recommend him to EVERYONE!!!!! If I ever need work done in the future I will only go to Dr. Fisher. Thank you Dr. Fisher and staff!!!! You changed my life. I can finally wear any top!! Here's the best part, when I take my top off I'm able to look down and smile!!
- Wendy

I had a great experience. The whole team was friendly and professional and I can’t think of anything that could have been done better.
- Peggy B.*

Thank you for the great work, I know I gave you a lot to work with. You are excellent and have an amazing team. I was nervous, even a bit skeptical if the surgery would even come out this great; however you went above and beyond for me. Thank you Dr Fisher and his helpful team!
- Chad J.*

My experience was very positive. Doc and staff are always warm and welcoming. I always felt cared about.
- Lorie S.*

I have been spreading the word about Dr Fisher, his staff, his skill and expertise. You people change lives… and you Rock! I love my new self!
- Linda B.*

I am very pleased with the results of my surgery! Dr Fisher & his staff (JoAnn, Candy, Jennifer & Jennifer) were all wonderful & made me feel personally cared for. To undertake these cosmetic procedures was a difficult decision for me to make, but I am very happy that I did so & that I used the services of Dr Fisher & his staff.
- Bobbi B.*

I am very pleased. Thanks to all.
- Brian C.*

If I ever want to do anything in the future, I would go there. The nurses and staff treated me like an old friend. We had a lot of laughs also. Thank you all again!
- Judith J.*

Thank you so much for everything! I feel so taken care of, I know no matter what I can always call and have my concerns put to rest. I’m so happy!! I love you guys.
- Alison F.*

From the start I was treated with friendly, professional care. The results of my surgery far exceeded my expectations. I love the results. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Dr Fisher is an incredibly skilled surgeon and everyone was very kind and professional. Thank you!
- Cathy T.*

You’re great! Relatable & down to earth. Receptive to clients. Happy team that works well together and it shows.
- Lisa L.*

Great staff, Thanks
- Paul C.*

The entire experience was great. Everyone, Dr Fisher, Joann, Jennifer, Jennifer and Candy were so professional & polite. Everyone made me feel comfortable & therefore I felt at ease during surgery & post op. I am so happy with the results. I could not have asked for a better surgery & office experience. Thank you to everyone.
- Jim R.*

Thanks to all of you, Dr Fisher & staff. Very friendly, courteous and helpful.
- Eileen K.*

Dr Fisher and his entire staff made this the most positive experience I could have hoped for. Both the pre-op and post-op care was exceptional. Best of all the results were phenomenal
- Virginia S.*

Everyone in your office is amazing! I was a little scared regarding “Twilight” however, everyone put me at ease, and believe me I did great, I recovered so fast, & I don’t remember a thing. I just love Dr Fisher! Candy is so sweet, JoAnn always pleasant & helpful, I love Jennifer she took good care of me, however I don’t remember a thing. LOL I will be back.
- Renee W.*

I really appreciated the time and attention Dr Fisher gave me at each and every visit including my initial consultation. It goes a long way and it made my decision easy in deciding to go with your office for my surgery. The staff was also very sweet and exceeded all my expectations. Thanks for making my experience a wonderful one.
- Megan E.*

My breasts look great and feel good to the touch. This is a dream come true. Thank you.
- Dale B.*

The whole experience was awesome! Great doctor, staff. Great customer service from the first phone call to the last visit.
- Vicki R.*