Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Male Breast Reduction

Few things can have such a profoundly negative effect on a man’s life as having female-like breasts. The medical name for this condition is gynecomastia. Those unfortunate enough to suffer this condition usually have a long history of low self-esteem from the ever present need to hide their upper body from the sight of others. Gynecomastia Phoenix.

Usually starting in puberty, the breasts in some men grow as they go through their growth spurt and assume a more female shape and size. A hard, sometimes painful lump of breast tissue grows under the nipple area. If there is any abnormal weight gain, the condition only worsens as fat over the chest wall muscle accentuates the size of the breasts. The onset of gynecomastia can begin later in life by taking certain drugs, the most common of which are steroids used to increase muscle mass.