Face Surgery


As we get older, time, heredity, sun exposure, fat and bone resorption conspire to change our faces in ways that many of us find undesirable. Our cheeks begin to sag forming creases or furrows from the edge of our nose to the corner of our mouth and jowls appear along our jaw lines giving our face a harsh, tired, ‘squared-off’ look. Unsightly vertical wrinkles can form in our cheeks and above our upper lips.

The skin of our necks often sags below the chin obscuring the youthful angle between the undersurface of our chin and neck. Our eyebrows and upper eyelids can droop, hooding the skin over the upper eyelids. Bags of displaced fat can appear under our eyes, horizontal creases across our foreheads, and frown lines between our eyebrows. All these changes can make us appear sad, older, and more tired looking than we actually are or feel.