Body Contouring Surgery

Calf Liposuction

With good reason, the majority of cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and plastic surgeons who practice liposuction are very reluctant or decline altogether to perform this procedure on calves. For many, it’s just too difficult to achieve satisfactory results on this area of the body. Requiring meticulous technique, a strong aesthetic sense of just how calves should look, and experience, hard to come by, as requests for this procedure are rare, calf liposuction is quite demanding. Perhaps, because of the time I spent earlier in my life teaching myself how to draw and paint, improving my eye for proper body symmetry; or perhaps because of my assiduous attention to detail in developing my craft as cosmetic surgeon, I am fortunate to find it both easy and enjoyable to give women the shapely calves they want. Over the years, patients from all over the country and Canada have sought my services to shape their calves, gaining me considerable experience with this procedure.

Calf liposuction, as with all our liposuction is done under local tumescent anesthesia with additional conscious sedation. The procedure usually takes us two hours and following surgery, we place our patients in quality surgical stockings that they are to wear as much as possible for a minimum of three months. While recovery to normal activity is quick after calf liposuction, post operative swelling lasts for many months, longer than any other area of the body. After liposuction, the calves look dramatically better after only a week or two and continue to improve for up to a year. I am very pleased that, to date, patient satisfaction with the results of my calf liposuction has been remarkably high and complications nonexistent.

If your dissatisfaction with the shape of your calves has reached the point of considering liposuction for them, then come and see us for a complimentary consultation.