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Breast augmentation in Phoenix & Peoria, AZ

Breast augmentation is one of Peoria Cosmetic Surgery clinic’s top requested surgeries.

Quite likely, you, like most woman feel entitled to attractive youthful-looking breasts. When nature leaves you underendowed; if the shape of your breasts is less than pleasing; if pregnancy or weight loss has left them depleted of their former volume and saggy, you can now turn to the cosmetic breast surgeon for reliable help. With today’s safe, effective surgical techniques and superb implant devices, we can achieve the look that you want with the minimum of discomfort and recovery time. It is no wonder that breast augmentation Phoenix by means of implant placement is the most popular cosmetic surgery both here and abroad with the highest patient satisfaction.

At Peoria Cosmetic Surgery in Phoenix area, when it comes to breast implant surgery as with all our procedures, we go to great lengths to give you the best possible result, one with which you will be delighted.

Breast implants

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where implants, specially shaped devices made of safe, durable, non-reactive materials are placed under the breasts directly or under chest wall muscle under the breast to enhance their size and improve their shape.

Breast augmentation

What Types of Breast Implants Are There?

Currently there are three basic types of implants approved by the FDA for use in the US: saline, silicone gel and form stable highly cohesive silicone gel. All are safe, durable and natural feeling.

Breast Implants

Saline breast implants

Saline implants have a silicone polymer shell and are filled in the operating room with sterile normal saline (salt water). They are slightly heavier than silicone gel implants and somewhat firmer, yet have a very nice look and feel when implanted under the breast. Their surface can be either textured or smooth and they come in a variety of profiles (how far they project out from the chest wall), moderate, moderate plus, high, and ultra high. The higher profile implants, those that project the farthest from the chest are usually more suitable for the smaller woman or those who want a more aggressive look.

Saline implants

Silicone gel breast implants

Silicone gel implants have a similar silicone polymer shell as do the saline implants but are prefilled with a cohesive silicone gel.  They are wonderfully natural feeling and easily conform to the shape of the breast when implanted.  Similar to the saline implants, their shells may be textured or smooth and also come in a variety of sizes (measured in cc’s) and projections.  They also may be round or tear drop shaped.  In our practice, we prefer the smooth round ones.  This implant is probably the most common implant used worldwide and is certainly our “go to” implant.  Silicone gel implants are more expensive than saline ones.

Silicone gel implants

What is Better Silicone or Saline Breast Enhancement Implants?

When it comes to augmentation surgery, both saline and silicone implants are considered safe for breasts. But only in case the procedure is performed by a reputable surgeon, who is board certified.

Some patients feel more comfortable with saline implants because, in case of a rupture, the majority of the saltwater can be absorbed by the body naturally. Additionally, when a saline implant bursts, you learn about it immediately and can contact your Phoenix plastic surgeon timely.

When you decide to get a breast augmentation procedure, your surgeon should ask you if you have an autoimmune disease like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Both of these conditions could be a counter indication to either type of implants.

Many patients mistakenly believe that saline breast implants don’t contain silicone. That’s not true. Both types of implants contain this material so neither of them can be fully absorbed by the body in case of a rupture.

It’s important to understand that by choosing one of the board certified plastic surgeons in Phoenix, you are minimizing the chances of an implant rupture. However, in case it occurs, one implant type doesn’t have many advantages over another.

Silicone gel implants

Highly Cohesive Silicone Gel Implant — Memory Shape or Form Stable Implants

In the last few years a third type of breast implant has become available for use in this country—the form stable or highly cohesive silicone gel implant.  Sometimes known as the “gummy bear” implant because of the consistency of the silicone inside, it is slightly firmer than either the saline filled or silicone gel implants, anatomically shaped and always textured. These implants come in a variety of heights, widths, and projections.

Due to their highly cross-linked cohesive gel inside, the form staple implant is able to maintain its shape when implanted causing the breast to conform to its shape rather than the other way around as occurs with the other two types of implants.  The result is a very natural athletic look with a sloped upper pole of the breast in contrast to the more rounded look of the silicone gel and saline implants.  The results with this implant are very long lasting. For those that prefer this, and meet the specific criteria for these implants, the form stable device can be an ideal choice.

Studies to date indicate that the form stable implant has the lowest rate of capsular contracture, a complication of breast implants (discussed below), and the lowest rate of implant rupture of any type of breast implant. They are modestly more expensive than the silicone gel implants.

Where Are the Incisions Made to Introduce the Implants?

There are four common places to make the incisions through which to introduce the implants: in the fold under the breast where it joins the chest wall (inframammary fold), through the skin of the armpit (transaxillary), through the edge of the darker circle of skin that surrounds the nipple (periareolar), and through the belly button (transumbiical).  Though the most common incision used in this country (and in our practice) is the inframammary, for most women any of them can work quite well.  Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages and in certain situations a particular incision may be a better choice. If the surgery is properly performed, they heal with barely noticeable scars, no matter where they are placed.  (Note: Only saline implants can be placed through a belly button incision.)

Breast Implants Before
Breast Implants Before
Breast Implants After
Breast Implants After
Breast Augmentation Before
Breast Augmentation Before
Breast Augmentation After
Breast Augmentation After

What Size Of Implant is Best for Me?

Although many surgeons use general anesthesia for breast augmentation Peoria, we prefer local tumescent anesthesia with conscious sedation (twilight sleep).  Prior to starting the surgery, we infiltrate the breasts with a dilute solution of local anesthetic containing epinephrine.  The local anesthesia provides a largely pain free operating field and the epinephrine in the solution substantially reduces bleeding and bruising during and after the procedure. The conscious sedation used in concert with the local anesthesia works synergistically to eliminate all patient discomfort during and memory of the procedure.  It is exceedingly safe, affords a quick recovery from the anesthesia with very little post-operative nausea and vomiting.

What is the Recovery Time for Breast Augmentation? When Can I Return to Normal Activities?

Although you will be up and around, able to perform most of you activities of daily living the day after surgery, you will be quite sore for about a week.  If you work or go to school, you should plan to take about a week off to adequately recover.  Most patients can return to light cardio exercise within two weeks after surgery and more vigorous exercise a month to six weeks afterwards.

How Long Before I See the Final Result?

Although most of the swelling and any bruising after surgery is gone within a couple of weeks after surgery, the implants can take up to three months to settle into their final position and the breasts to take on their final shape.


Do Breast Implants Have to Be Replaced at Regular Intervals?

If your implants feel and look good, there is no need to replace them; they can last for decades. However these devices are not considered permanent and once you have breast implants you can expect to have more surgery sometime in future.

Do Breast Implants Interfere with Mammograms?

No. Most mammography centers today are quite experienced in taking proper mammograms and interpreting them in those patients with breast implants.

Do Breast Implant Manufacturers Offer Warranties on their Devices?

For breast augmentation in Phoenix, AZ, we use implants manufactured and distributed by Mentor Worldwide LLC, now a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.  For a small additional price, they warrant their implants for a variety of problems such as implant failure, rupture, and capsular contracture for up to ten years after their initial placement.

What Happens if a Breast Implant Ruptures after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Many patients avoid breast augmentation surgery because they are worried about implant ruptures. In reality, such accidents happen rarely. The main cause is the poor work of the surgeon. The side effects of a rupture depend on the type of implant you choose:


·         The breast looks and feels deflated

·         Saline will start getting reabsorbed by the body

·         You need to contact the plastic surgeon to remove the silicone shell and redo the plastic surgery.


·         You won’t notice the rupture immediately since silicone can stay around the breast tissue.

·         You could see a subtle change in breast size and shape.

·         If not attended to quickly, the ruptured implant can cause pain.

·         You need to contact one of the available plastic surgeons to remove the silicone and redo the breast enhancement procedure.

If the breast enhancement procedure is done by a qualified AZ plastic surgeon, the implants can stay intact for decades before there is a risk of rupture.

Which Size of Implant is Right For Me?

Before planning a surgery, many patients are worried about the perfect size of their breasts. When you speak to a plastic surgeon in Arizona, you’ll get extensive information about the size possibilities.

Each breast augmentation procedure is tailored to individual demands. What works for one patient may not be suitable for another and vice versa. The size of breasts after the surgery depends on many factors such as:

·         The size of breast tissue – a small breast tissue makes creating a large breast impossible because there isn’t enough of it to cover an implant when installed. The tissue size could also affect the shape of the breast.

·         Breast anatomy – your current breast anatomy determines the size of the new breast. For example, an implant can’t be wider than your natural breast. Additionally, the plastic surgeon Arizona will consider the rest of your body to make sure the new breasts are in balance with the rest of your frame.

While there are several ways to check which implant size is right for you without assistance, it’s better to do it with the doctor, who will perform the surgery. An expert surgeon considers a variety of factors before making the final decision about the size.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

When planning a breast augmentation procedure, the cost is one of the top factors. You need to plan carefully to avoid surprises with the expenses related to the plastic surgery for your breasts.

The cost of the procedure depends on:

·         The surgeon you choose and their experience level

·         The facility where the plastic surgery will be performed

·         The type of implants you select

·         Prescription meds for post-op care

·         The location of the clinic

At Peoria, we consider our patients’ needs and requirements to try to minimize their expenses whenever possible.

How Soon Can I Get Pregnant After the Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Women, who are choosing breast augmentation surgery or getting a breast lift often worry about getting pregnant. Augmenting your breasts shouldn’t interfere with your pregnancy and breastfeeding plans. However, you need to wait at least three months before getting pregnant after the surgery.

It’s important to discuss your pregnancy plans with your doctor before getting an implant or a breast lift. Your surgeon can explain the general guidelines and set up a schedule suitable for your individual case.

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